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Advice on Maintaining Your Pond in Great Condition

Suggestions about Maintaining Your Pond in Good Condition

To sum up you'll find essentially 2 primary types of filtration you can find for your fish pond, The 1st being mechanical and the other is biological. Both biological and mechanical filtering methods play an important part in keeping your fish pond water clean.

Mechanical Type

It is possible to find varied types of filters that happen to be mechanical from brushes,vortexes and foam, they function by getting rid of suspended contaminants which stop them before heading on to the next stage of filtering. This sort works best if you have a the law of gravity fed filtration This will help to avoid the blades of the pump motor which can cut them up into thinner particles rendering it more challenging to take them out.


The biological purpose of your filter is to remove harmful toxins from the pond water such as Nitrite and Ammonia. Without eliminating these toxic compounds you risk killing all your fish and start diseases in your pond. In this type of filter you usually find things like numerous kinds and sizes of plastics as well as ceramics. It is bacteria that reduces these unhealthy toxins, first transforming Ammonia into Nitrite and then Nitrite into less hazardous Nitrates.

You Have To Mature Your Filtration System

A common mistake among fish keepers is that they tend not to appreciate it takes time to "mature" a filtration process once they first set it up. It is therefore essential that fish quantities are monitored carefully throughout this preperation time. You are able to only commence to mature your filter when ammonia is put into them from the fish:

Building Your Filter Without having Fish

A method which is the most trusted way of getting your filtering installed and operating, you simply add ammonia in a chemical type form into your water, the pond is then observed at close range using a pond testing kit. Understandably with an all new fish pond, you may first see a huge increase in ammonia levels, but soon accompanied by nitrite quantities, when this occurs you recognize you are going in the right direction. Only once Nitrite exists in the pond water will the subsequent advantageous bacteria begin to grow, this bacteria reduces Nitrites into safer Nitrates (Nitrates are watered down through your weekly water changes). You can include fish at the stage, when nitrate is being produced. To undertake fishless cycling you will require pure Ammonia (provided by most drug stores) Also a good test kit to observe nitrite, nitrate and ammonia levels.

Putting together Your Filter with Fish

You'll be able to go ahead and use this method, but do be aware your fish will be in water when toxins will be existing, so special care is essential. Cycling with fish is performed with the help of a small amount of robust pond fish such as goldfish to the pond and keeping monitoring your water parameters with a water test kit. Once the pond water no more exhibits Ammonia or Nitrites you have matured it but only TO THE AMOUNT OF FISH IN THE POND. You should then add more fish so you get an additional spike in Ammonia and Nitrite letting it stabilise so no Ammonia or Nitrites can be found. This process of introducing more fish should be repeated until the needed quantities of species of fish which you intend to keep are in the pond.

Things to be aware of:

-Fish which are held in water that has degrees of Ammonia and Nitrites are susceptible to disease; you may find yourself with not only pond water parameter problems but also disease problems. If a pond disease outbreak occurs you will need to treat the water with harsh chemicals which gets rid of all your bacteria, bad or good, this means you will have to begin the maturing course of action all over again.

-Fish exposed to toxins are going to be less strong and the they likely won't flourish although the fish-pond water conditions improve.

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